If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please reach out via my Contact page.

This is a big decision. How do I know I will get exactly what I want?

If you are on the fence about what design you like best or whether your preferred ink color is the right choice, we offer sample kits in our shop. You can select three designs in three ink colors to choose between to help make your decision a little easier and put your mind at ease.

I've picked out my favorite design. Now what?

Great! Once you have your calligraphy style picked out, head on over to our Contact page to fill out our custom order form 

Why do I have to send extra envelopes? Aren't you a professional?

I ask that you send 20% more envelopes to account for  human error and spillage, which is unavoidable with handwritten calligraphy. It is better to send these extras initially

So...I waited until the last minute and now I need these addressed like yesterday. How fast can you have these completed?

Rush orders for envelope addressing can be accommodated based on availability. I can have 100

All of my RSVPs haven't come in yet. What if I have to make last minute changes? My aunt just told me she wants to bring her new boyfriend and needs a plus one! What if I have to change table numbers? 

First thing- take a deep breath. This is a fairly common concern. If any additions or changes come up after you have submitted your addresses, please send me an email with a list of complete addresses to be updated

We changed our mind-- we're eloping! What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, since these items are all customized, no returns are accepted. 

I noticed a mistake. How quickly can you fix it?

Any corrections should be reported within 48 hours. Please send one list of complete addresses to be corrected and please indicate what the problem was.

I am a little fickle. What if I change my mind?

If any additions or changes come up after you have submitted your order, please send me an email with any changes you with to make within 48 hours. Typically these changes can be accommodated quickly without affecting turnaround time. 

I want the ink to match my invitations. Can you do that? 

Absolutely! I have found that letting me know a pantone color formula that comes closest to your invitation works best. I can then match ink colors. Please note that the ink color will not be exact but comes pretty close.

How did you learn how to do this?

I'm a natural talent! No, it was actually a lot (a lot!) of hours of practice and playing around with different styles I liked. There were many hours of Pinterest cruising for inspiration and many ink bottles spilled while I taught myself. I also attended a few calligraphy wohrkshops hosted by talented calligraphers to gain some great tips and tricks. You can learn more from some of my favorites: 

What fancy-schmancy tools do you use?

I use

This is a big commitment. Why is it so pricey?

If you find that my prices are a little pricier than other calligraphers, this is due to my only working with the best materials. Using higher quality ink and pen nibs translates to higher quality work. This guarantees that the ink will not get smudged in the mail and your guests receive professional and exquisite looking invitations. 

I love those invitations. Do you design those too?

Each of the invitations pictured are from two wonderful wedding invitation sites - Wedding Paper Divas and Minted. Both have great selections with unique designs. Information on where to purchase are listed in the details section when you click on each calligraphy style.

Where did you find those adorable little stamps in your photos?

I actually found the ones featured in my photos from OneDarling on Etsy. There are plenty of other shops on Etsy or antique markets that sell unique, vintage stamps. I love how they add that little extra touch to the envelopes!