kelli coyle, owner


A little about me...

I was raised  in Sugar Land, TX and am still a true southern girl at heart. After traveling up to the east coast to attend Drexel University, and meeting my husband freshman year, Philadelphia was our home for 11 wonderful years. In 2017 we decided to embark on a new adventure and ventured south to Austin, TX.

You can usually find me wearing my typical uniform of jeans, booties and a healthy swipe of lipstick. My days are typically spent at my day job, then lounging on the couch with my boys- my pup and husband. 

I have loved crafting from a very early age. When I was younger, I tried everything from paint by numbers, latchhook rugs, wearing out my spirograph (who didn't have one?) and even calligraphy. This passion for art led me to pursue my bachelor degree in design and merchandising. While I ultimately decided that a career in retail operations was better suited for me, I still found myself wanting to create new things and stay inspired. It wasn't until my own wedding a few years ago that I really dove back into crafting again and rediscovered this passion. 

Now I'm able to bring someone's vision to life and make their wedding day (or any day!) something special that is unique to them. 

Let's collaborate - on everything from the initial design details to the last finishing flourishes! Send me a note by visiting my Contact Page.